Reddit Instameme

Reddit Instameme is the newest product from Bobsworth Industries. It uses groundbreaking new technology in order to enhance you redditing experience by providing easy access to your favourite memes. Never again will you be stuck in the middle of a meme thread without an adequate reply, never again will you suffer the humiliation of being unable to recall a relevant meme.

Reddit trolls rejoice, this product may well revolutionise your career, allowing you to make much more unproductive use of your time. With quick access to videos, ASCII art and insults, you'll always have something annoying only clicks away.

But who is responsible for making sure the Instameme's meme collection is updated and relevant at all times? Well this, my dear redditor, is the beauty of the Reddit Instameme tool - just like the stories on, the memes are submitted and voted on by reddit users. Just go to the /r/redditmemes subreddit, where each submission represents a meme category, and the top-level comments in each submission are the memes which Instameme uses.

So what are you waiting for? Download it now! (requires Greasemonkey)


(Bobsworth Industries are not responsible for anything this script does to your computer and/or brain, including but not limited to file deletion, hard disk formatting, suicidal thoughts, self-destruction and strange sexual desires. However, you may use Reddit Instameme for the development, design, manufacture or production of missiles, or nuclear, chemical or biological weapons.)